Hey Spiritual & Holistic Entrepreneurs

Don't. Fail. Another. Launch

Validate & Launch Your Next Course, Product, or Service in 90 Days!

Does any of this sound familiar?

I’ve launched before with little success.

You are not alone. When I first began my journey I was launching and no one bought what I had to offer. I almost quit several times. I’ll show you where I made my mistakes and how I launch with success. 

I have so many ideas. WHich one is the right one?

I’ll show you what to do when some or all your ideas are good ideas. There’s a way to pick the best product, course or serve for right now. 

Can’t I just manifest the perfect clients?

Many of us have manifested the perfect clients but haven’t put in some practical business concepts to make it happen. I’ll share my easy, no-nonsense approach so you can get back to what you do best. 

Introducing the Validate & Launch 90 day program

You will be part of an engaged, like-minded learning group during this 3-month program for Spiritual & Holistic Entrepreneurs like yourself.  I see this as a community-driven program where you’ll be learning from each other, supporting each other, and launching the business you always dreamed of in a way that makes you feel good. We are partners in your success. 

Ready To Get Started?

You know the Validate & Launch Program is for you. Hold your spot at the Early Bird Pricing. The Validate & Launch Program begins in May. 

Regularly $497 

What You Will Learn

Week 1: What do you care about?

There is no point in starting something you are going to hate 6 months down the road. In this week you’ll discover:

  • Giving yourself permission to dream.
  • Just because a niche is profitable for someone doesn’t mean it will be for you. 
  • Separating expectations from your desires. 

Week 2: Know yourself

If you want to become successful as a spiritual or holistic entrepreneur, you need to be great at what you do. I’m going to set you up to be more confident, creative, positive and less stressed. In this week you’ll discover:

  • Your true gifts and talents. 
  • Determine your marketable skills so you don’t have to invest in new skills. 
  • Create a realistic calendar so you can manage this launch with your other daily responsibilities.  

Week 3: Find your core supporters

No more building it and they don’t come. You will create an early feedback group so you can create something that people will actually want. In this week you’ll:

  • Identify and find your ideal clients.
  • Create your unique quick pitch to your potential core supporters.
  • Learn to be vulnerable and create opportunities to be judged without feeling criticized.

Week 4: 1 on 1 convos

You will never create another product, service or course that nobody wants after this week. You’ll narrow down on what exactly your business is going to be and what sets you apart from your competition. In this week you’ll:

  • Create solutions to problems that actually exist.
  • Fostering opportunities for authentic conversations.
  • Identify the correct platform for your convos.

Week 5: Your Offer

It’s time to pull all the info from the last month and create your offer.  You will create a product, service or course that will generate greater sales, acquire more clients and make a name for yourself. In this week you’ll:

  • Calculate the cost in creating your offer (time and money)
  • Identify any partnerships or collaborations that can assist you.
  • Determine what sets you apart from the competition. 

Week 6: Pre-launch tools

There are some things you will need in place to launch with ease. This is the back end of the business that are must-haves. In this week you’ll:

  • Grow your email list.
  • Build a landing page.
  • Learn the best way to get your message out there.
  • Determine what you can do yourself and what you should outsource. 

Week 7: Soft launch & Presale

Your core supporters and 1 on 1 conversations provided you with a list of people who are willing to buy what you have to offer. In this week you’ll:

  • Create a customized ask to your core supporters.
  • Determine your presale goals.
  • Make some sales. 

Week 8: Analyze and tweak

What went right and what didn’t go as planned? There is no such thing as failure. What are the lessons you need to learn to make your launch a success? This week you’ll:

  • Ask yourself some difficult questions.
  • Take personal responsibility.
  • Have discipline and courage to make changes to ensure your success.

Week 9-10: Marketing and Launch plan

How you show up is just as important as your product, service or course? This week you’ll:

  • Determine which platforms you will use to market yourself.
  • Create content in your voice that represents your brand.
  • Take advantage of media opportunities that are available to you.

Week 11: Launch

This is the moment you have waited for. This is the official launch of your product. You don’t have to do it alone. You have a community that’s available to you. 

Week 12: After the Launch

I’m not about to leave you high and dry. Let’s come up with a plan to leverage your momentum and how to create complimentary products, services and opportunities.